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1946 Establishment of the Haro company by Lilo Otto and Ruth Wagner
1967 Rise of the weaving mill under the direction of Hellfried Neubert and Christian Otto
1974 Haro starts processing in Hungary
1976 Establishment of the production facility in Dominica as a joint project
1986 Foundation of the subsidiary "Co Designers"
1988 Establishment of the subsidiary Kelimal in Hungary
1990 Construction of the second plant including showroom and spinning mill in Pressig
1996 Haro / Paliwal joint venture in India
2003 Takeover of Haro®-Teppiche by Paulig Teppichweberei GmbH
2016 70th anniversary of the brand Haro®-Teppiche
2020 Obtaining the German Design Awards for the Africa collection from Haro®-Teppiche


In 1945 after the war the Dresden housewives Lilo Otto and Ruth Wagner began to weave rag rugs out of remnants. The company HARO®- TEPPICHE was born. When Lilo’s son Christian Otto and his partner Hellfried Neubert, both textile engineers, took over responsibility in 1967, they developed the constantly growing weaving mill into a leading company. Since 2003 the brand HARO®- TEPPICHE under the management of Oliver Neubert has enriched the PAULIG company with its extraordinary design concept.

Maintaining the individual identity of the collections, of the marketing strategies and the distribustion channels, both HARO®- TEPPICHE and Paulig Teppichweberei have joined in a fruitful cooperation intervowen in the Paulig Network.

Our principles: the use of top qualitiy materials only, and all our products are handmade.
Top: Haros old firm
paulig fabrik heute
Today: Haro in Paulig headquarters Schwarzach am Main.
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