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In our carpet world of diversity everybody finds his own island Home – a place of intimacy, stability and calm, in which human individuality is reflected. This is why the things that bestow a sense of well-being are as manifold and different as the people themselves.
The unlimited variety of HARO carpets allows a distinctive personality to be laid at your feet. Realizing customized carpet dreams is a challenge we love to take up every day. Dreams from gentle turquoise to blazing red, single- or multicoloured, natural or earthy colours in all nuances, our colour palette makes creative hearts beat faster and inspires the imagination. Ordinary standard sizes are a matter of course. But 264 x 531 cm? No problem.
HARO produces all requested dimensions with or without fringes – perfect and on the highest quality level, needless to say also as a circle, oval, polygon or any other shape you can think of. Handwoven rugs made from virgin wool, jute, viscose, linen, cotton or effect yarn. – we create islands of happiness to live in.


An unlimited range of yarn colours makes possible our equally unlimited variety of carpets – from the cosy adap­tation all-rounder to the exotic oasis of calmness.


All collections made of virgin wool are available in standard sizes from 70x140 to 300x400cm, as well as the cotton collection "Cotton Line" from 70x140 to 250x350cm.
Depending on the quality, we weave special sizes in any size up to 250, 400 cm, 500 cm or 660 cm width.


Round the corner, around the bed, integrating a column? We adapt individual design requests perfectly to the room situation.
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