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The magic is in the details

The credo of Haro Teppiche by Paulig is: to bring warmth, aesthetics and comfort into your homes. We want you to enjoy the special flair of our rugs with every one of your senses.

Our market position: setting trends in terms of product development, creation of innovative textures harmonious colors and design concepts. We take pride in our work.

We are proud to see that our distinctive rugs set carpet trends. This affirms that our collections reflect the spirit of the times. Our rugs are made to create another form of textile sensuality, over and above their decorative functions.

Our custom made classics make everything possible, all the way up to 400 cm width. With more than 200 yarn colors offered, we can respond to everybody’s personal taste. And, those who don’t find their rug despite these million and one choices can create their very own pieces as well.
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